Lauren Rocco is an artist, educator and advocate for integrating technology and the arts. Lauren specializes in photomontage art and experimental photography but also has extensive experience in drawing, painting and collage.  When she’s not out and about in Brooklyn making images, she’s usually looking for new ways to experiment and build upon digital art practices.  She also spends a great amount of her time teaching others to explore their own art style through Photography, Media and Fine Arts.


My process for creating involves manipulating colors, space and time to achieve desired effects using photographs.  I find beauty in searching for places that one might otherwise overlook and make images with a focus on community and the culture that surrounds me.  Through digital illustration, painting and collage techniques I hope to manifest new feelings and moods; transforming the modern landscape into one of mythology.  Using Photoshop and other editing software allows me to experiment with layering and recoloring photographs.  While I am inspired by each place I portray I also hope my images evoke new feelings or stories all their own. 

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