Lauren Rocco is an artist, educator and advocate for integrating technology and the arts. Lauren
                specializes in photomontage art and experimental photography but also has extensive experience
                in drawing, painting and collage.  When she’s not out and about in Brooklyn making images, she’s
                usually looking for new ways to experiment and build upon digital art practices.  She also spends a
                great amount of her time teaching others to explore their own art style through Photography, Media
                and Fine Arts.


                My love of glitch art and photography go hand in hand.  The moments that we freeze through
                photographs to remember should be looked at with just as much appreciation as glitches offer. 
                When a glitch happens I view it as a new moment for reflection and experimentation.  While the
                computer struggles to take control I capture these moments as inspiration for my art.  This process
                for unrestricted art making alleviates the feelings of perfection which are too often constrained upon
                us by modern society.

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